Anthony Schoonjans was also an illustrator (drawings)

Not only was Antoon Schoonjans a painter, but he also made several drawings. Some of his drawings were rough drafts in preparation oh his paintings. Others were more elaborated, worth the master. Whenever a drawing is signed, then the intent was to sell it: There appeared to be a market for such drawings, as not everyone could afford a painting.
Some of his drawings were reproduced by other artist as copper etches. The question remains whether this was a saleable product or an advertisement tool for wealthier people.
Some paintings of drawings or pictures are also known. Which came first remains an open question.

Susannah and the Elders

Susannah and the Elders;
seated naked beside a stone bath, frightened by the Elders who have surprised her from behind, her right arm raised.
Pen and brown ink on paper
Height: 222 mm; Width: 308 mm;
Drawn by: Anthon Schoonjans;
Inscribed: "Antonio Schoonians"
The British Museum